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DX Diploma
Award for Your DXing Achievements
Indonesian Version TOP 50 LIST

Indonesian DX Club DX Diploma is given by IDXC to all SWL/DXers (our members as well as non-IDXC-members) who have been able to pass our requirements in order get the diploma. This diploma is an award for your achievements in DXing activities. The classes of this diploma are separated into different classes: A-50, A-100, A-250, and A-500.

The A-50 class is given to a SWL/DXer who has received QSL cards and/or letters from 50 (fifty) different broadcasting radio stations, the A-100 class is given as award for QSL cards and/or letters from 100 different broadcasting radio stations, and also the other classes.

These radio stations include local and international broadcasting radio stations in all bands, LW, MW, SW, and FM stations, but we do not accept amateur radio QSL cards or letters in order to get this diploma.

If you send your verification cards or letters in order to get our IDXC DX Diploma, then your QSLs and your name would be automatically listed in our DX competition, IDXC Top 50 then everytime you send more QSLs, they would be automatically listed, too.

For information about QSL cards and letters listed in this competition, please click here. You could see examples of our DX diplomas as follows:

DX Diploma
DX Diploma - Introduction

If you are interested to get our IDXC DX Diploma, please read its requirements as follows:

a. Send the list of your QSLs accompanied by their photocopies
The verification's data or details have to be clearly read, unless there is no any information written on them.

b. The amount of QSLs have to be match with the claimed diploma class
For example, if you want to claim an A-50 IDXC DX Diploma, then you will have to send us 50 QSLs from 50 different radio stations.

c. Only one QSL for one station, except the station has some relay stations
For example, you could send us some verifications from the different Radio Nederland relay stations, e.g. QSLs from Bonaire, Flevo, Madagascar, and Tashkent relay stations.

d. Only QSLs from one-way radio stations can be used for our diploma
You could send QSLs from time signal and pirate broadcasting stations, but you can not send QSLs from amateur radio stations or two-ways radio stations.

e. Send your photo (in size 3x3 or 2x3)

f. Pay the DX Diploma costs
If you live in Indonesia, send us Rp 10,000.00. If you live in other countries, send us 10 IRCs or US$ 10.00. The IRCs only can be used if you live in other countries.

g. A DXer may only get one diploma for each diploma class
One diploma can not be claimed for two DXers or more, and one diploma can not be claimed twice by the same DXer.

Send those requirements above to:

IDXC Diploma Manager
Akbar Indra Gunawan
JL. Nurul Hikmah IV No.27A
Tugu - Cimanggis - Depok 16951
Jawa Barat - Indonesia

DX Diploma - Requirements
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